About Us

Harper Douglas Trading Co. was started with a simple question asked by two longtime friends, “How can we reduce the stress that we’re experiencing daily?”  Both Brian and I had approached this question in different ways. Brian has been making high quality candles as a therapeutic part of his self-improvement journey since 2020 and found the daily act of lighting a candle to be helpful. I have been on a different path using meditation and other daily rituals to ease the burden of life’s stress.

One day we asked each other, “What would happen if we combined a candle with the practice of daily rituals?” We tried it…and it worked. So, we decided to set out on attempting to turn this into something we ourselves, as well as others, could benefit from day in and day out.

But it had to meet certain criteria.

1. It had to be simple.

We believe in simplicity. There are enough complicated things in the world. We want to make sure this isn’t one of them.

2. It had to work.

    We have a clear mission. We want to help you dial back chronic stress. Anything we do at Harper Douglas has to help accomplish our mission. 

    3. It had to be something we found ourselves using consistently.

    Part of building healthy daily rituals and habits is consistency.  Every one of us is busy, with multiple things vying for our attention at all times. It’s easy to tell ourselves we’re going to do something every day to help with our mental wellbeing, only to put it off after a few days.

    4. It had to be clean.

    We both have families with young kids. We hold ourselves to high standards as to what comes in our homes. We hold those same high standards for anyone who brings a Find Your Steady product into their home.

    We are continuing to build this story with you in mind. 

    ~Brian and Patrick