Getting Started


Congrats to you and your future self! This Find Your Steady DeStress Kit is designed to help you reduce stress so you can feel your best.

What’s Included?

  • A Soy Wax DeStress Candle
  • Guided Breathing Exercise Video
  • Daily DeStress Tip
  • Daily DeStress Journal Prompt
  • Constantly Update DeStress Song Playlist
  • 30 Day Write In Me Daily Journal (only included with the DeStress Kit Bundle)

The Find Your Steady DeStress Candle is included in this box. The other components of your DeStress kit are accessible by simply scanning the QR code on the front of the DeStress candle or on the inside cover of the 30 Day Write In Me Daily Journal. There is no log in or sign-up required. 

How To Use Your DeStress Kit

 The Find Your Steady DeStress Kit  is built upon three foundational ideas:

  1. Simplicity. Our DeStress kits are designed to be as simple as possible. We have found that simplicity results in the most successful change.
  2. Consistency. The more you use this kit, the more impactful the results can be.
  3. Effectiveness. It has to work. Every part of this DeStress Kit is personally used by our team on a regular basis. Anything we put out into the world, we truly believe in.

Light your DeStress Candle, then scan the QR code on the front label with your smartphone or tablet camera and click the link displayed. Your journey begins with the Guided Breathing Exercise. This exercise takes three minutes, so if you only have a few minutes, focus on this component. Next, comes the Daily DeStress Tip, which is a small, simple action you can do today. For best results, try and do it as soon as possible. After this, grab a journal and go through the Daily DeStress Journal prompt. If you have the 30 Day Write In Me Daily Journal, this is a good time to go through the other prompts as well. We’ve provided the DeStress Song Playlist to accompany the Daily DeStress Journal prompt. It is also makes a great addition to any times you want to take a few minutes to just take in the moment.

There are two ways to approach the frequency you use your DeStress Kit. First, you can use it as needed in the moment. If you start to feel stressed, light the candle, scan the QR code and go through each of the parts as time permits. Even just breathing along with the three minute Guided Breathing Exercise can have profound effects on your stress levels.

The second way to use this DeStress kit is to use it daily to build up habits that overtime can help you reduce your overall stress baseline. This DeStress kit can be all or part of your morning or night routine. The more you use it, the more you  gain from it. Overtime, each part of this DeStress Kit can become a natural part of your day. Building new habits are where the greatest benefits are going to occur to help you stress less and be at your best day in and day out. 

We thank you for allowing us to be part of your journey. Please let us know of any questions or feedback you have now or in the future on our Contact page.